Friday, 27 January 2017

“It Is Sad That ‘Men Of Repute’ Have Become Rapists In Our Society” – Djinee

Edo State born singer, Djinee whose real name is Osayamwen Nosa
Donald advised men against rape on social media clearly outlining
the disadvantages and misfortunes that comes with rape.
Read below:
“I wish parents told their sons not to rape as much as they told
their daughters not to dress indecently. Sadly a lot of the rapists
are now fathers with daughters too & “men of repute” in the
society. Their victims have decided not to speak out. Having heard
alot of victims’ stories, it’ll shock you how many rapists live with
us. Our fathers,brothers,uncles,sons, friends, colleagues? Some
victims have shared with me so much as the names of the
perpetrators & such info kills what’s left of your faith in humanity.
The victim’s refusal to speak out & sometimes insistence in
protecting the perpetrator even paints a gloomier picture. “Nosa
he was drunk”.
I’ll never be able to fully understand the trauma but this is my take
albeit naive. When you protect a rapist you put other girls in
As victims, individuals, family and a society, we have just served up
other innocent victims to the rapist we decided to let go. #truth
Now let me talk to the boys & men. You know why you boast
about every sh#t you’ve done except rape? Because rape is the
lowest a man can go!
Infact in maximum prisons around the world, rapists are usually
dealt with or killed by fellow inmates. Even criminals hate rapists.
And please let’s not think that rape is only perpetuated by area
boys. Your pastor, clean boy & slay-king might have. They just
won’t say. Solution? We have to raise men who’ll know that
forcing a woman against her will, whether she’s walking on the
street in a thong is WRONG!
Men who rape are the SCUM! You’ll never know what it means for a
woman to want have you by her own free will. Not forced. Just her
needing u”

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